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Zombie Chess™

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The Apocalypse has a theme:  Zombies

Its several months after the zombies had first appeared.  The plague was fought with every bit of science available. 

Vaccines were developed and distributed.  They only worked on a few (your king was one of them.)

However, it contaminated a few also.  These infected became zombies but kept their minds.  These zombie kings have a hatred for mankind.  The zombie king has the ability to control zombies (this means the zombies act like pawns instead of wandering about like survivor zombies.)  These zombie kings also managed to pull together a scourge of psychos, mutated genetic experiments and otherworldly things.

Now, on the streets of your town, it is zombie kings versus survivors in a battle to see who will control the world.

Zombie Chess is in the playtesting stage.  It uses the Fantasy Chess engine core rules.  Therefore you can co-occupy and fight for squares and can bludgeon the king to death.  

The zombie king and the zombie pawns can infect humans.  The zombie pawns have less dexterity and no armor (can't dodge) than survivor pawns, but they can take an extra hit.  Infected humans have a 50% chance of throwing off the virus, otherwise they change into Survivor Zombies, which amble uncontrollably through the table and can even fight Z-rooks, Z-knights, Z-bishops and Z-queen.

Advanced Zombie Chess will include weapons, The Cure, Zombie Hordes and more.

Below are 15mm Rebel Mini figures that will be in a future Zombie Chess packaged set.  However, as per Fantasy Chess, you can make your own pieces.

ZombieBackrow  Zombie Back Row

Zombie Pawns  Zombie Pawns

Survivor Back Row Survivor Backrow

Survivor Pawns     SurvivorPawns

As usual with the Fantasy Chess engine, you can advance your pieces using Tournament Play rules and can even have epic apocalyptic 4 player battles.

Here is the playtest at Orccon 11.

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